As much as everyone loves digital photography and its ability to be shared instantly across the planet, there is still something very special about holding physical photographic prints. Wedding albums allow you to slow down, forget about everything for an hour and become immersed in the memories of your day, just like a great book.

The process is simple, after your wedding images are delivered, you make a selection and I will custom design the layout so it best tells your story. Offering advice and suggestions along the way until we have the perfect book. There are a number of finishes and styles to choose from and prices start from £400 for a 10x10 inch, 40 page album with space for around 80 of your selected images. Larger 12x12 inch albums start at £500 and smaller 6x6 inch duplicate albums perfect for family and friends start at £120. 

The sample album pictured is a 10x10 inch album with Plum leather cover and embossed text. If you need any further information or details regarding albums please don't hesitate to get in touch.