{ Signature Boards : Make it memorable }

Having a beautiful, visual reminder of your special day is really important.  Guest signature books and photography albums are an important part of that but all too often they spend much of their time on shelves not being looked at. 

With a bespoke signature board full of messages from your guests, you are able to re live your day every time you look at the print on your wall. They really do create a focal point in any room and can spark conversations and fond memories for friends and family that visit your home.  Couples that choose to have a pre wedding/engagement shoot select their favourite image and that is then printed on a fine art photographic paper and mounted in a bespoke frame of your choice. At the reception celebrations I place the frame on an easel and leave it for guests to sign over the course of the evening celebrations.  (Although these signature boards are typically done in advance of a wedding I can also create the same for any event.) 

There are a large number of bespoke frame and size options to suit both your style and budget, please get in touch for more details.